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Sugar and Honey

Sugar and Honey, Internationally Demanded Products

Colombia is the world´s largest producer of sugar cane. More than 232 thousand hectares are sown with this product and the crops are mainly in Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Quindío, and Risaralda, among other regions.

Between 2011 and 2015, around 15.5 tons of sugar per hectare were grown, production that is due to the needs of domestic market and international demand. In addition, they are due to the work of Centro de Investigación de la Caña de Azúcar de Colombia (Colombia Center of Research on Sugar Cane - Cenicaña for its Spanish acronym), which promotes innovation, research and technology transfer.

Thanks to the sales of sugar cane or beetroot, totaling around USD$364 million a year, Colombia is among the world´s top 15 exporters of this type of product, and, to date, it has invoiced at least USD$364 million to more than 65 countries.

Among them, Peru with USD$96.4 million (26.5% share), Chile with USD$55.7 million (15.3%), the United States with USD$51.9 million (14.2%), Haiti with USD$25.3 million (7%), and Ecuador with USD$20.3 million (5.6%).

The Colombian sugar sector produces more than only sugar, it is also a source of clean energy. Sugar factories produce more than 5 million tons of bagasse to produce paper and clean energy every year.

A cost-effective and attractive product that consolidates its cluster in 39 municipalities in the Inter-Andean Valley of the Cauca River, in the southwest of the country.

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