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Specialty Coffees

Specialty Coffees for Export

Thanks to the designation of origin that is granted to coffee exported from Colombia by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, through the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, this product has an added value and differentiating features that generate preference among international consumers.

In 2015, specialty coffee exports reached USD$2.8 billion. The countries that import this product include the United States with USD$1.15 billion (41% share), Japan with USD$289.6 million (10.3%), Germany with USD$227.3 million (8.1%), Belgium with USD$214.8 million (7.6%), and Canada with USD$166,8 million (5.9%).

In addition to being the third coffee supplier with a UTZ certificate in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam, its good reputation is due to the particular attributes that Colombian coffee has due to the geographic conditions of the coffee region of the country.

The climate, the altitude of the mountains where it grows, and the experience of those who dedicate their lives to grow it also contribute to the good reputation of Colombian coffee. However, these are not the only factors that make us competitive:

  • The vast majority of coffee crops in the country are in regions where climate and atmospheric conditions are optimal for the growth of coffee plantations.
  • Due to geographical conditions, the coffee production in Colombia is continuous throughout the year.
  • Colombia is the largest producer of mild coffee (mountain coffee), with a wide variety of specialty coffees, differentiated according to their origin, the way they are grown, and the benefits.
  • One hundred percent of Colombian coffee is from the Arabica coffee variety. This variety is healthier because it offers greater acidity, mildness, quality in the infusion, an intense aroma, and less concentration of caffeine.
  • Colombian coffees are cultivated with sustainable practices. The protection of water sources, the conservation of the soil and the responsible use of agrochemicals are observed.
  • In Colombia, coffee is produced under concepts of economic equity and social responsibility.

Entre los países que más importan este producto se cuentan