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Plastic Packaging

The Industry of Plastic Packaging in Colombia

This industry is part of Programa de Transformación Productiva (Productive Transformation Program), which seeks the international projection of this world-class sector that in recent years has grown thanks to the continuous quality of the production and printing of packaging with high added value, that incorporates avant-garde designs in the products.

The industry has become interested in the characterization and integration of solutions through flexible, printed and disposable packaging. In addition, it has specialized in the production of plastic and paper labels with innovative and competitive solutions, where the greatest business opportunity is in flexible packaging, folding boxes, containers, labels, preforms, bags, caps, disposable items, among others.

Raw materials are added to the above, among which a wide offer of containers and plastic preforms in polypropylene, polyethylene stand out, it also produces plastic resins such as PP, PE, PET, PS and PVC, which are highly demanded in the world, manufactured with modern control equipment and export quality.

This is a flexible sector and with adaptive and innovation capacity, that allows the country to become a highly competitive vendor in demanding markets. Colombia has exported approximately USD$239 million to more than 50 countries. Thanks to these exports it obtained important gains from their main customers, such as: The United States with USD$42.9 million (18% share), Ecuador with USD$35.3 million (15.8%), Peru USD$21.6 million (9%), Venezuela USD$19.5 million (8.2%), and Dominican Republic with USD$18.1 million (7.6%).

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