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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications are Growing

The increased use of mobile devices in Colombia, especially smartphones, sparked a migration of users to virtual markets, making the sector to become a great opportunity for the development of corporate solutions.

The increased development of mobile applications in the country has resulted in an opening to technological advance in Colombia. Thanks to companies engaged in the use of SMS (text messages) to send information to users on a massive scale, this sector represents an important aid for creating apps that help to make this need tooo become something simple and fast to use.

The progress in this sector is so important that business in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean have been made, for offering mainly entertainment services, access to information, financial transactions, online shopping or stores, corporate, education, logistics, transport, health, government, advertising, among other tools that facilitate the daily activities for people or companies.

Being always at the forefront, and having the support of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC), there are plenty of competitive factors of this industry in our country. We have:

  • Competitive production costs
  • High technical capacity in development
  • Social responsibility
  • Customization of products
  • Content development
  • Innovative products with high social and educational content

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