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Metallurgical Industry

The Metallurgical Industry in Colombia

This industry transforms steel into goods ranging from laminates, pipes, metal structures and wires, to industrial machinery such as boilers and elevators. There are currently more than 680 companies working in the metallurgical sector in the manufacturing chain.

Nowadays, this sector has won a very important space due to its great potential to meet the growing demand of their products in the world, which has driven for a great number of companies to obtain the ISO and QS certifications.

All this allows entrepreneurs to gain the domain of the Colombian market, sufficient experience in the Latin American market, and, especially, experience in international trade, which allow flexibility due to competitive investment costs.

In 2015, Colombian metallurgical exports totaled USD$874 million, and the major export destinations were: China with USD$147 million (17%), the United States with USD$22.6 million (14%), Venezuela with USD$75.5 million (9%), Ecuador with USD$75 million (8,6%), and Brazil with USD$67.2 million(7,7%).

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