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The Colombian Leather Manufacturing Conquers the International Market

The leather industry and its manufacturing have consolidated as an international power, thanks to the quality, the qualified labor, the inclusion of details, and the optimal quality that is reflected in the products made in Colombia. In addition, the proper handling of the skins meets the needs of the demanding international market.

Colombian manufacturing offers a wide range of leathers, exotic skins and designs that are at the forefront of the international trends. This has made that countries such as the United States (63.6% share), Mexico (5.9%), Peru (4.4%), Ecuador (3.6%) and the United Kingdom (2.4%) occupy the top places importing our products.

One of the factors that has made that the national industry is so competitive is the proper handling of exotic skins and the care given to them throughout the whole production chain in the zoo breeding centers that are environmentally friendly; also, the meticulous and well achieved production is reflected in end products that meet the highest quality standards.

In 2015, Colombia exported USD$73.5 million. This was a year that represented great growth for the industry, achieving that Colombian leather ranks in the first places around the world.

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