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Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

Colombian Jewelry and Costume Jewelry, a 'Gemstone'

Thanks to the recognition of the work with gold, silver, emeralds, precious and semi-precious stones, seeds, among other native materials present in the Colombian supply, the national jewelry and costume jewelry have become something unique and exclusive that is reflected in the preference of the international public.

Among the variety of products, there are unique handmade pieces as well as others that are produced at large scale; in addition, the work with ancestral techniques, such as filigree, which are combined with cutting edge designs and pre-Columbian classics. Colombia is the world's first producer of emeralds, rated as the finest; which provides the differentiation and exclusivity desired by consumers worldwide.

Because of this, the main destinations where the products have been exported to are: Ecuador with USD$6.4 million (20.6% share), Peru with USD$5.8 million (18.6%), Mexico with USD$3.3 million (10.7%), Bolivia with USD$3 million (9.8%), and Panama with USD$2 million (6.5%).

In the Colombian territory, high quality raw materials to produce jewelry are found; there are deposits of gold, silver, platinum and other precious and semi-precious stones such as pearls, several types of quartz, amethyst, garnet and morganite, among others, which facilitate the production of pieces with unique qualities.

As for the costume jewelry, the country produces a great number of seeds and plant materials, the labor has a long track record that merges traditional methods with modern productive processes; this has generated that, for example, in 2015, Colombia exported USD$31 million in jewelry.

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