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Instruments and Appliances

Instruments and Appliances: Goods related with the Electrical Industry

Colombia is a competitive and accessible supplier in the area of ​​operation of generation and distribution of electricity, thanks to the experience, extensive knowledge and international technical certifications such as RETIE, CE, and UL, all added to the geographical location and the trade agreements with countries in the region.

It is important to list the most remarkable features of the sector where the relevant number of producers of wiring, structures, fittings, insulators, transformers, lighting, conduction, and protection, among others, has allowed the foreign direct investment of large multinationals in the sector to originate technology transfer and the presence of a stronger export base.

In addition, the country has trade agreements that provide tariff preferences to different markets, a reason that makes this industry one of the most attractive; for example, Colombia has become a center for the production and distribution of energy in South America, North America and with views to serve the European and African demand in the long term.

All this has made that the sales of the sector of instruments and appliances increase, hence exports in 2015 totaled USD$401.6 million.

Colombia has exported to more than 48 markets, such as: The United States with USD$61.3 million (15,3%), Ecuador with USD$52.2 million (13%), Venezuela with USD$46.4 million (11,6%), Perú with USD 40.1 million (10%), and Mexico with USD$28.1 million (7%).

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