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The Industry of Dairy Products

The Industry of Dairy Products in Colombia

The sector of dairy products in Colombia is growing. Among Latin American countries, it is the fourth largest producer of milk, with an approximate volume of 6.6 billion liters per year.

What makes Colombia a competitive country in the dairy products sector is the high quality of the milk it produces. Product that has higher protein and fat percentages than those of important producers in the world such as New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and USA.

Advantageous conditions for the sector, that have helped the country gain a greater share as an exporter worldwide, which, to date, has reached nine countries and exported USD$23 million.

Among this list of buyers are Venezuela with USD$18.7 million (80.2% share), the United States with USD$3.2 million (13.6%), Chile with USD$566.820 (2.4%), and Ecuador with USD$286.154 (1.2%).

Countries that import different types of dairy products from Colombia: powdered milk, flavored milk, fresh and mature cheese, yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, and arequipe (Colombian dessert similar to caramel spread). Products with high quality features and composition that guarantee a superior yield of milk.

Advantage that allows the sector of dairy products in Colombia to use this consumable good in the treatment of a wide range of products, according to the trends of the international market.

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