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Increases demand for textiles

The Demand for Colombian Textiles Increases

The extensive production of supplies, accessories for clothing, new developments in fabrics made of natural and elastic fibers, as well as companies with large production capacity, innovation and vertical integration make Colombia an ideal platform for manufacturing clothing.

The country can offer a high content of design, printing and textures. Products in natural fibers, and synthetic fibers such as silk, rayon, polyamides, elastane, special polyester, viscose, among others, that include differentiated designs, with the techniques of sublimation and digital printing.

Thanks to the exposure of national products, the industry has acquired cutting-edge technology for the optimization of processes. Examples of this are the laser technology and the use of ozone for denim shades and textures, the production of fabrics with polyester pellets, nanotechnology and biotechnology as a tool for innovation in textile production; as well as fabrics with smart technology: UV protection, anti-fluids and water-repellent.

It is worth to highlight that in looking for the benefit of all the industry, the designs and materials are many times jointly developed by companies and suppliers.

In 2015, textile exports went to more than 60 countries and amounted to USD$214.3 million. The main countries for export were: Ecuador with USD%67.1 million (31.3% share), Mexico with USD$32 million (15%), the United States with USD$27.3 million (12.8%), Peru with USD$21.8 million (10.2%), and Venezuela with USD%21.3 million (9.9%).

Los principales países para la exportación fueron: