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A Health Destination

Colombia: a Health Destination

Leader in the provision of health services due to its highly-qualified professionals, the accreditation of its institutions, modern infrastructure and high technology, Colombia has become a benchmark in Latin America thanks to scientific advances and research.

In addition to the presence of recognized pharmaceutical companies that guarantee the provision of the medicines required for different treatments, the partnerships between the government, private companies, scientists, and experts allow to offer a broad portfolio of high quality medical and surgical services. For these reasons, Colombia has become one of the most attractive destinations for medical treatments.

International patients come mainly from: Dutch Caribbean with 4,969 patients (48% share), the United States with 1,159 (11%), Venezuela with 860 (8%), Ecuador with 628 (6%) and Panama with 625 (6%).

Another factor that makes Colombia a competitive destination is the creation of the pacemaker, the Hakim valve, and the malaria vaccine, among other breakthroughs that mark an important step in medicine worldwide. The country also has a health accreditation system with emphasis on the safety of patients as an added value that gives confidence to those who use the services.

The wide range of services is distributed across the major cities of the country taking full advantage of the variety of climates for the optimal recovery of patients, in addition, the hospitals and clinics that provide services to international patients have offices and qualified staff in several languages, which makes the process more pleasant for the patient and their companions.

Los pacientes internacionales provienen principalmente de: