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Handicraft Sector

Strengthening of the Colombian Handicraft Sector

This sector is an important basis for the national economy, because it involves more than 350,0000 people from all areas and ethnic backgrounds, who work in different types of handicrafts occupations, representing 15% of the employment in the manufacturing sector, from which 70% are devoted exclusively to this industry.

The use of their own technology, the management of a cultural identity, and the use of local physical, human and financial resources to transform raw materials into valuable objects through their hands has positioned the Colombian handicrafts sector as a global benchmark.

Through the ancestral technical assistance of manufacturing along with the interest of training the individuals involved in the industry, the sector is characterized by combining materials and innovative formats, becoming a demand potential in the international market, so have demonstrated products that have been successful in the American and European markets.

In 2015, Colombia exported USD$35.9 million. The main export destinations were: Japan with USD$5.3 million (15%), Peru with USD$3.8 million (10.7%), Mexico with USD$3.7 million (10.3%), Spain with USD$3.6 million (10, 1%), and Ecuador with USD $3.1 million (9%).

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