A Growing Industry

A Growing Industry

Colombia has positioned as Latin America´s fifth largest producer of automobiles and has the firm conviction to continue diversifying the markets and the supply, using business opportunities in the sectors of wheels and tires, control cables, transmission systems, accessories, safety glasses, cooling systems, seat belts, parts and spare parts, batteries, motorcycle parts, filters and retainers, friction systems, among others.

On the other hand, the automotive industry also includes the manufacturing of parts used in the assembly for OEM and aftermarket, that involves suppliers from other industries such as metal-machining work, petrochemicals (plastics and rubber) and textiles.

According to figures from ProColombia, this sector represents 6.2% of the industrial GDP of the country, in addition to manufacturing parts and parts used in vehicle assembly, includes the assembly of all kinds of motor vehicles, parts manufacturing, and involves other industries such as metal-machining work, petrochemicals and textiles, which allow it to employ 2.5% of the employed persons in the manufacturing industry.

During 2015, exports of auto parts and motorcycle parts totaled USD$305.7 million, this increase in the demand has accelerated the sales growth allowing Colombia to export to over 67 countries and proving that the main export destinations are: Ecuador with USD$51.5 million (16.8%), the United States with USD$42.7 million (14%), Venezuela with USD$39.2 million (12.8%), Brazil with USD$24.7 million (8.1%), and Peru with USD$24.6 million (8.1%).

This industry has managed to offer a highly qualified exportable supply that includes national and foreign companies, certified with the highest international standards of quality according to the TS16949 standard. In addition to gaining extensive experience in the application of the three technologies that dominate the market: the American, the European and the Asian.

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