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Fruits and Processed Vegetables

The Business of Fruits and Processed Vegetables

Colombia has a wide range of fruits and vegetables due to its geographical and agroclimatic condition. This, along with the raw materials of the food industry, allows Colombian entrepreneurs to offer a wide range of products with great potential in the international market.

Among the top 10 countries where Colombia exports to its processed fruits and vegetables are the United States with USD$31.4 million (51.2% share), the United Kingdom with USD$4.5 million (7.4%), Germany with USD$3.1 million (5.1%), the Netherlands with USD$3 million (4.9%), and France with USD$2.6 million (4.2%).

Up to now, Colombia has exported at least USD$61 million in pulps, concentrates, dehydrated, freeze-dried, canned and frozen mango, passion fruit, gulupa, blackberry, papaya, and lulo, among other fruits, to more than 46 countries.

Among the fruits and vegetables processed, dehydrated or freeze-dried, exotic fruits such as cape gooseberry and dragon fruit, and other tropical fruits such as banana, papaya and mango, among others, stand out. A varied supply, that also includes products certified by HACCP, ISO, GLOBAL GAP, only to mention some of them.

This is the result of the new technologies in the processes of the Colombian companies in the sector, that, in turn, have implemented comprehensive quality policies that promote innovation in terms of product and packaging, food safety and traceability, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.

For this reason, in the international market, pulps of pasteurized fruits which do not need refrigeration, 100% natural dehydrated fruits, and organic processed products are easy to find.

Del top 10 de países a los que Colombia exporta sus frutas y hortalizas procesadas