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Footwear and supplies

Labor, the plus of Colombian footwear

Colombia has a modern industry that provides great production capacity of footwear and supplies. Thanks to a culture oriented to hand work, this sector generates employment for skilled labor that allow them to have products with high added value in the world market.

In 2015, Colombia exported USD$38.4 million, this is a reflection of the high quality standards of the processes of manufacturing with thoroughness and attention to detail and optimal finishings that ensure excellence in the final product. These factors make Colombia an internationally competitive industry with products with innovative design in accordance to international trends.

Colombian footwear and supplies are recognized in the international arena due to their excellent labor, inclusion of details, optimal quality and a supply that is strengthened by the bovine leather used in those products.

The main destinations that received the products made in Colombia were: Ecuador with USD$16 million (41.6% share), Chile with USD$4.2 million (11%), Venezuela with USD$3.3 million (8.5%), Panama with USD$2.8 million (7.2%), and the United States with USD$2.7 million (7%).

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