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Digital Animation and Video

Digital Animation and Video Games on the Rise

With the creative talent, capacity, exporting experience, and a good academic offer, the industry of digital animation and video games in Colombia has great possibilities to increase its share in international markets.

In a world that increasingly becomes more digital, the rise of competition in this sector has generated that increasingly more informed consumers are looking for the best offers in the market and demand more from the industry.

The increased purchase of smartphones and tablets, and the downloads of video games for mobile technology has significantly increased. In an industry where demand is massive, and, due to the high quality of the supply, the market is equally demanding; Colombia has many possibilities to enhance its participation in international markets, since it has the required export experience and an excellent academic offer.

The provision that we have in the design of 2D and 3D animated content; development of video games for consoles, mobiles, websites and social networks; post-production for advertising; production of animated films; and special effects stands out due to its quality and its high competitive factors, intensifying their demand in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

And those competitive factors that the Colombian production offers are highly valued. The creation of digital animation and video games in our country stands out because:

  • There are human resources in areas like graphic design, industrial design, visual arts, multimedia engineering, audiovisual communication and multimedia, advertising, marketing, among others.
  • It benefits from competitive production costs.
  • It has a national policy for the development of the digital content industry. Among its areas of action, it includes the promotion of creativity; the strengthening of pre-production processes, and capacity building related to the industry, the promotion of mechanisms for financing, among other.

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