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Cosmetics and Hygiene Articles

Biodiversity and Evolution, the Colombian Key for Cosmetics and Hygiene Articles

This production is part of one of the twelve priority sectors of the government and the private sector. Thanks to Programa de Transformación Productiva (Productive Transformation Program), these actors work together to make that by 2032 Colombia is recognized as a world leader in the production and export of cosmetics, household cleaners and high quality absorbent products with natural ingredients.

This is supported by the fact that national companies have international quality certifications that ensure their production processes, such as ISO 9001, registrations in the Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia y Medicamentos y Alimentos (National Institute of Medicines and Food Surveillance, INVIMA for its Spanish acronym), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and logistics processes certified by BASC.

Since Colombia is the world´s second most biodiverse country per km2, surpassed only by Brazil, the Colombian industry has shown a sustained growth in recent years in terms of production, sales, and exports. The sales of Colombian makeup, skin treatments, creams, soaps and shampoos are very prestigious abroad for their quality and natural ingredients.

Exports evidenced that, during 2015 they totaled USD$547.5 million.  And the destination countries were: Peru with USD$139.8 million (25.5%), Ecuador with USD$123.9 million (22.6%), Venezuela with USD$68.6 million (12.5%), Mexico with USD$51.2 million (9.4%), and Chile with USD$20.2 million (4%).

Los países de destino fueron: