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The Confectionery Sector

The Colombian Confectionery Sector

Through the years, the confectionery industry in Colombia has been characterized by a strong dynamism and a permanent renewal. So far, the sector has exported around USD$301 million to 104 countries.

This worldwide recognition is due to the quality and variety of the products offered by the sector. So it shows the interest that it has created in several countries, such as Venezuela with USD$106.8 million (35.5% share), the United States with USD$33.1 million (11%), Peru with USD$ 23.9 million (8%), Ecuador with USD$22.3 million (7.4%), and Chile with USD$9.4 million (3.1%).

Having a strategic geographic position has contributed to make the sector competitive compared with other markets. As a tropical country, located in the Equatorial Region, Colombia has the advantage of producing sugars throughout the year.

Factor that also benefits the growth of the confectionery industry. In recent years, Colombia has innovated and expanded its supply, which now has export leading products, such as bonbons, hard and soft candies, gummy candies, chewing gums, candies and candy pastilles.

However, the development of the sector doesn't stop and continues to have great improvements to differentiate itself and reach select markets, with a greater purchasing power. Allowing Colombian confectionery products to reach not only Latin America, but also European, African and Asian countries.

Este reconocimiento mundial se debe a la calidad y la variedad de productos que el sector ofrece. Así lo demuestra el interés que ha despertado en varios países, entre ellos