The Colombian software


The Colombian software sector reported sustainable growth over the past years in terms of revenue, exports, market share, and quality of services. One of the factors that made this achievement possible is that the country currently has more than 90 companies certified in CMMI (Capability Maturity Model or Integration).

Colombia has the lowest "piracy" rate of the region, in addition, it ranks third in Latin America as for labor quality. An outstanding factor is the level of income of computing engineers which is in accordance to the average of the region.

There are currently many multinational companies that have settled in the country to offer their services to Latin America; three clusters and seven technology parks in major cities of the country are part of this group.

A total of 16 double taxation agreements in force, or in process of approval, added to the exemption of the Value-Added Tax (VAT) to the services exports are some factors that make this sector one of the most competitive at the international level.

Some services that excel in the national supply are: massive software (general software), development of tailor-made software, and software with added value; and, as a reflection of this, in Colombia, during 2015, the software and IT services sector exported USD$208.1 million.

The main destinations were: The United States with USD$61.32 million (29.5% share), Ecuador with USD$23.95 million (11.5%), Spain with USD$23.56 million (11.3%), Mexico with USD$16.11 million (7.7%), and Chile with USD$10.70 million (5.1%).

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