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Colombian Poultry Sector

Features of the Colombian Poultry Sector

In Colombia, the annual exportable poultry supply is represented in 1.4 million tons of chicken and 12,143 million egg units. And, during 2015, the exports of these products amounted to USD$2.3 million.

Its surge is due to the quality of the chicken, that is known in the world for its freshness. Likewise, the sector has disease-free areas, which benefits the industry because it can serve export markets that require poultry products with particular attributes.

In turn, Colombian farms meet international standards of environmental and animal welfare, which allow them to serve markets with special requirements, such as Vietnam with USD$857,250 (37.5% share), Ecuador with USD$766,416 (33.5%), Hong Kong with USD$627,190 (27.4%), and Thailand with USD$36,000 (1.6%).

And, thanks to the availability of the companies for the development of niche markets, the supply of the sector meets the needs of consumers with products tailored to the particularities of each client.

With programs that are compliant with biosecurity measures to prevent the entry of diseases such as Newcastle and Salmonellosis, implemented by Colombian producers, the sector can meet the demand of hundreds of multinational chains.

That are certain that the chicken used in their restaurant chains comes from poultry farms that meet all sanitary and safety requirements.

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