The Colombian Plastic

The Colombian Plastic

The dynamization of sectors that require plastic products has allowed the industry to become a very dynamic sector from the seventies with an annual average growth of 7%.

The supply chain, the easy access to local raw materials, and, especially, the existence of environmental awareness, focused on innovating and designing to reduce materials and reutilize them in plants equipped with technology, to prevent the waste generated in the production process from affecting the environment, are competitive advantages that consolidate the country as a reliable supplier offering products that comply with high quality specifications at a global level.

In 2015, plastics and rubbers exports totaled USD$1.18 billion, where the major export destinations were: Brazil with USD$262.4 million (22%), the United States with USD$112.2 million (9,5%), Ecuador with USD$106.2 million (9%), Peru with USD$105.1 million (8,9%), and Mexico with USD$76.8 million (6,5%).

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