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The Colombian Lingerie

The Colombian Lingerie Travels the World

This is one of the main national export products and is recognized in markets of great demand, thanks to its excellent quality and innovative designs, because it also has brands with a high added value, and, at the same time, an important production capacity, suitable for offering a full package.

Colombia has a wide range of fabrics for manufacturing men and women underwear and a vertical integration of several producing companies, which guarantees the supply of raw materials, and the quality control throughout the process. The development and innovation of underwear with smart textiles, and benefits such as control of abdomen, hips, posture correctors, and anti-bacterial fabrics. In addition, the application of new technologies in manufacturing and cutting clothing allows the diversification of the portfolio of products, such as garments without seams.

The underwear exports in 2015 totaled USD$66 million, thanks to more than 152 companies that adapted their designs to the needs of today´s consumers. An example of this is that the national products were sent to more than 50 countries, in this group the major buyers were: Peru with USD$13.8 million (20.9% share), Ecuador with USD$10.7 million (16.3%), the United States with USD$10.6 million (16.1%), Costa Rica with USD$7.9 million (12%), and Mexico with USD$7.5 million (11.4%).

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