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Colombian Agricultural Sector

The Supply of the Colombian Agricultural Sector

The Colombian agricultural sector is currently emerging as one of the most productive and competitive in the country. Thanks to the progress that has been made in the field of scientific and technological development, the strengthening of basic infrastructure, and the access to financial and productive resources.

As a result, Colombia is the first Latin American supplier of exotic fruits in the world and has a prominent supply of fresh legumes and vegetables of high demand in the international market. There are 433 identified species of edible fruits, which also make the country the world´s first as for fruits biodiversity per square kilometer.

Among the most popular and demanded products in markets such as Europe, the supply includes exotic fruits such as cape gooseberry, gulupa, passion fruit, granadilla, yellow dragon fruit, tree tomato and avocado; and tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, mango and Tahiti lemon.

Compared with other subtropical countries, both in the northern and southern hemisphere, this agricultural supply has better quality as for the organoleptic features of the fruit. Color, flavor, aroma and a higher content of soluble solids and Brix degrees are some of these features.

As for the productive supply of vegetables in Colombia, the industry has 37 horticultural products that generate more than 300,000 jobs in 29 regions in the country. Products that have been welcomed in international markets, especially ñame and onion.

In general, the development of the sector is due to the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, in times in which other countries do not have because of the tropical climate. And to the alignment with the global trend of healthier consumption habits, with the organic farming of fruits like cape gooseberry, banana, avocado, blackberry, and passion fruit, among others.

By 2015, Colombia had exported US$ 1.03 billion in agricultural products. And the main destinations of this sector were Belgium with USD$238.9 million (23.2% share), the United States with USD$201.9 million (19.6%), the United Kingdom with USD$161,0 million (15.6%), Italy with USD$122,6 million (11.9%), and Germany with USD$88.2 million (8.6%).

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