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Cocoa and its Byproducts

The Export of Cocoa and its Byproducts

Colombia has optimal agro-ecological conditions and excellent genetic materials to produce fine-grained, mild cocoa with a superb aroma. That is why the high quality of this Colombian product is recognized in the world.

Fine-grained, aromatic cocoa is a category that represents only a 5% of the internationally traded grain (International Cocoa Organization - ICCO). And, in the case of Colombia, this grain is select and is used exclusively for manufacturing fine chocolates because of its point of acidity and balance.

Due to its qualities, cocoa is a product in permanent growth that offers attractive and preferential prices in the international market. By 2015, Colombia had exported USD$74 million to 33 countries, among them:

  • Mexico with USD$12.3 million (16.6% share)
  • Spain with USD$9 million (12.1%)
  • United States with USD$7.9 million (10.7%)
  • Netherlands with USD$6.5 million (8.7%)
  • Malaysia with USD$6.4 million (8.6%).

However, cocoa is not the only product significant for the international market. Other products that Colombia exports are cocoa paste or liquor, cocoa butter or oil, and powdered cacao. Byproducts that are highly demanded by the food and cosmetic industry worldwide.

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