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Chemical Industry

The Colombian Chemical Industry

From 2005, this sector has shown an annual average growth of 11.6%, which demonstrates the growing demand associated to the petrochemical, cosmetic, toiletries, and agricultural supplies sectors, at both local and regional level.

Colombia is among the leading countries of the region as for innovation and quality of human capital, also is at the forefront of research on green chemicals, to become an environmentally friendly sector.

It also has skilled labor for production and research with more than 21,000 graduates from Chemistry and Chemical Engineering programs; allowing for companies to consolidate as leaders in Latin America.

Thanks to the privileged geographical position of the country, the industry can respond in a timely manner to buyers in over 82 countries, which allowed revenues of more than USD$1.6 billion in 2015.

In 2015, the main export destinations were: Ecuador with USD$285.8 million (17%), Venezuela with USD$250 million (14,9%), Peru with USD$233.8 million (14%), Mexico with USD$110.8 million (6,6%) and the United States with USD$105.2 million (6,3%).

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