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The Sector of Building Materials in Colombia

The country enjoys of great recognition and has an important portfolio of products and supplies, together with innovation, quality, and service to include the activities of the companies of this industry.

Colombia is one of the most attractive countries for foreign buyers and investors, thanks to the abundant natural resources and materials such as cement, lime, plaster, plastic and rubber, tools, and metal, ceramic, stone and clay products, among others.

As for quality standards, the Colombian industry is one of the most regulated in Latin America, it was the second country in the region to include a level of seismic resistance in its building code. In addition, countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia have adopted many of its standards and regulations.

Another beneficial point is the easiness to do business; it has one of the most advanced economies in this regard, according to the 2016 Doing Business report, Colombia is ranked 54 in the world. In Latin America, it has the largest number of reforms to improve its trading environment.

Exports to markets such as the United States, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Panama, increased by more than 50%, and amounted to USD$322.4 million in 2015. The main export destinations were: The United States with USD$113.6 million, Panama with USDS39.2 million, Ecuador with USD$31.5 million, Peru with USD$31.4 million, and Venezuela with USD$15.2 million.

The business opportunities are focused on the marketing of painted or glazed ceramic tiles and slabs for paving, clay products, natural stone products, sinks, toiletries, bidets, plastic rigid tubes, doors, windows and frames; aluminum profiles, racks and thresholds, Portland cement, finishes and accessories.

Las exportaciones hacia mercados como Estados Unidos, Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú y Panamá, se incrementaron más del 50%, y en 2015 sumaron USD 322,4 millones.