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Bakery and Milling

Colombian Bakery and Milling

This sector has grown in recent years. Its potential is due to the level of professionalization that has taken place due to the investment in technology. With this, the sector has optimized the quality control of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

The result has been the improvement in its formulation and a proper display. What makes these Colombian products attractive for the consumers in the 61 countries where they are exported to. Figure that to date is USD$125 million.

Another relevant factor for the Colombian bakery and milling industry is the permanent innovation in the supply chain and the development of products in accordance with the international consumption trends.

Which allows the sector to comply with the demand of products ready for consumption, thanks to the development of frozen, and pre-cooked frozen bakery products, in demand in markets such as the American with USD$20.4 million (16.3% share).

Sweet and salted biscuits are among the products with greater supply in the country. In this field, the Colombian industry offers a range of sophisticated items, ranging from fruit-flavored sandwich cookies to low-calorie cookies with cereals and functional properties.

Other products that make the difference and are exported to countries like Venezuela with USD$21.5 million (17.2% share), and Ecuador with USD$20 million (16% share) are corn, wheat, banana and yucca precooked flour of excellent quality, and at very competitive prices in international markets.