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The audiovisual industry

Colombia on All the Screens

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Algunos países con oportunidad de exportación en audiovisual
Oferta exportable en audiovisual

The audiovisual industry has grown substantially over recent years. At present, our country is an interesting place for international producers and channels due to the quality of work, large locations, and the level of Colombian directors.

Thanks to the increased visibility and the leading role that it currently plays in the audiovisual production sector, Colombia catches the attention of the film and television industries around the world.

The mega diversity of our country, with diverse ecosystems that include snowy peaks, moors, valleys, rainforests, deserts and access to two oceans, make Colombia a great location for the development of audiovisual products. In addition to having a high level in Colombian directors and being recognized internationally for the quality of their work.

The growth of the hotel infrastructure in the country has also allowed that large productions become interested in choosing Colombia as the stage for international producers and channels. In addition to this, we have competitive factors such as:

  • Low production costs, especially accommodation, food, locations, transport and travel.
  • Specialized local talent, extras, rental of equipment and studios of all types (television, sound, recording, among others).
  • Tax incentives for the co-production with local companies, such as the return of certain taxes like the VAT, considered by the law to promote the services export.

The audiovisual sector of the country covers services such as the production and distribution of cinematographic films and video tapes, screening of cinematographic films, radio and television services, transmission of sound and images, and sound recording.

The increased demand of these services in 2015 achieved exports to countries such as the United States with 34.5% share, Spain 30.1%, Chile 10.2%, Argentina 8.6%, and Mexico 6.8%; with which it could collect USD$31.6 million. (Administrative Statistics Departament - Dane, 2016).

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