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Articles and Supplies

Articles and Supplies, a Market with High Potential

This sector comprises the industry of products for households, offices, hotels and hospitals. Because of the variety and continuous need for these elements, this market has become a great business opportunity since it presents a wide supply and the possibility to adapt to the customers’ requirements.

During 2015, Colombia exported USD$395.5 million of these items. In the Americas, the main buyers were Peru, in the first place with USD$87 million (22%), followed by Ecuador with USD$65.3 million (16.5%), Venezuela with USD$45.5 million (11.8 %), Chile with USD$28.6 million (7.3%), and the United States with USD$23.1 million (5.8%).

The supply is wide; therefore, the sector has striven to have a comprehensive portfolio of products that allows it to be a comprehensive shopping and supplies center of toiletries, plastic household items, diapers, ceramics tableware, fridges, paper, band-aids, probes, harnesses and ropes, among other products.

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