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Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector

Colombian Products of the Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector

The country has one of the planet´s highest fish diversities and a great biodiversity as for aquatic organisms. As well as fresh, brackish and marine waters, with suitable lands. Conditions that allowed the aquaculture and fisheries sector to reach USD$138.8 million in exports in 2015.

The potential for the development of this industry is undeniable. In the field of fish farming, Colombia is ready to compete globally. The region has the necessary infraestructure for large-scale projects and the country already has cutting-edge technology suitable for the farming of red tilapia and other species with high quality, framed in four major areas:

  • Food Safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Social Development
  • Environmental Sustainability

In Colombia, fish farming is mainly represented by the farming of tilapia, rainbow trout, and cachama. It also gathers multiple related economic activities, such as the production and fattening of fingerlings.

As for shrimp farming, also of great importance for the sector, Colombia has sufficient infrastructure that is necessary for manufacturing processed sea food, which gives an added value to this chain, which is characterized by products in high global demand.

Shrimp farming is one of the main aquaculture activities in the country, and has consolidated as an organized industry with significant progress in research and implementation of clean and sustainable technologies.

This has led the aquaculture and fisheries sector to export to different countries, mainly the United States with USD$53.1 million (38.2% share), Ecuador with USD$11.7 million (8.5%), France with USD$8.2 million (6.0%), and Spain with USD$7.1 million (5.1%).

Producers have also implemented management systems such as Global Gap, ISO, HACCP, BASC, among others, to improve the quality of different products, ensure their safety, develop CSR programs and meet international market requirements.

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